5 Incredible Health Benefits of Waterleaf

5 Incredible Health Benefits of Waterleaf - Natural Junkie

If you have been planning to add more vegetables to your meals, now is the time as it is the raining season. The types of vegetable to feed on are countless but from this piece, we want to talk about the amazing health benefits of waterleaf.

Waterleaf is one of the cheapest vegetables at this season and also one of the commonest. I can remember some years ago, I used to step on them cause they were everywhere (of course, I was ignorant of the benefits).

Waterleaf is not just common here in Nigeria, it is believed to be a native plant in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Waterleaf contains some amazing benefits  like:

  • Flavonoids
  • Alkaloids
  • Saponins

Ok now, let’s talk about some relatable health benefits of this plant

High in Antioxidant

The importance of antioxidants cannot be overestimated and most times we don’t get enough of it. Antioxidants protect the body against invasion of free radicals and our waterleaf have a lot of it. So when consuming the vegetable, you should know you are preventing diseases too.

Treats Diarrhea

Diarrhea can cause serious body weakness in a short time as it usually comes with a loss of fluid. Some people generally avoid vegetables during stomach upset as they believe vegetable of any kind will make them purge, but waterleaf could actually be a blessing during this time.

Boosts Immunity

Vitamin C is essential as it boosts the immunity of the body system. Thinking of what to add to your diet to make your immunity strong enough to fight off disease? Then waterleaf is a very good and affordable option.

Protects the eyes

Vitamin A is very important in maintaining a sharp sight and this plant contains some vitamin A.

Prevents high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a deadly disease that can lead to stroke, heart attack and even death. This disease is no respecter of age or gender hence, the need to always make an effort to prevent it and waterleaf have been proven to help lower blood pressure.

The benefits of waterleaf are countless hence the need to take advantage of this season to consume a lot of it.

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