5 Amazing Benefits of Lettuce Leaves To Your Health

5 Amazing Benefits of Lettuce Leaves To Your Health - Natural Junkie

The history of lettuce could be dated back to thousands of years ago when it was first cultivated by the Egyptians.

Aside from being a plant, the Egyptians used the seeds to produce oil. Aside from being an edible vegetable, lettuce also has medicinal properties and it was used for religious purposes in some culture.

Lettuce is known as the perfect weight loss food because it is low in calories and rich in fiber.

The plant can be cooked or eat raw, but in order to get the ultimate benefits, it should be preferably eaten raw or it juice extracted.

Lettuce is a great vegetable for these amazing reasons.

1.. High in Fiber: Planning to go on a weight loss journey? Then you need to include this amazing vegetable in your diet. Aside from this, it the fiber also helps in removing bile salts from the body.

2. The white fluid in lettuce leaves is called lactucarium and this agent has a sleep-inducing effect that is more tolerated than opium. If you are battling with insomnia, just make yourself a glass of Lettuce juice or chew some leaves to get maximum benefits.

3. Contains Antioxidant Agent: Antioxidants are common in our diets and lettuce have a good quantity of it. Antioxidants are necessary as they protect the body against free radicals which are dangerous to the body. Antioxidants neutralize the effects of these free radicals before they begin to attack the body.

4. Calm the nerves: A research study carried out in 2012 and published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease concluded the leaves contain anxiolytic properties which are capable of controlling anxiety and calming the nerves.

5. Protects the Heart: Lettuce leaves protect the heart by lowering cholesterol levels. High level of cholesterol in the body can lead to cardiovascular

As great as lettuce leaves are, they must be taken in moderation and with caution, especially as some people may be allergic to some of its properties.

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